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Retailers FAQ.


What is WISE Certification?

WISE stands for Wireless Industry Service Excellence. WISE Certification is a standalone, independent certification program administered by CTIA Certification, the wireless industry’s certification organization. The program includes both an Authorized Service Provider component and a Technician Certification component.

The WISE Authorized Service Provider (ASP) designation conveys service excellence in retail store environments and other customer facing channels.  This certification allows customer-facing service providers to differentiate themselves, demonstrating their commitment to quality by meeting the high levels of industry standards defined in this program. Once certified, your achievement can be a market differentiator, signaling to customers you are a trustworthy and qualified device repair service provider. 

The short answer – the wireless industry. WISE Certification is a collaborative effort across wireless carriers, device manufacturers, insurance companies, independent repair shops, and leaders in reverse logistics.

The goal of WISE is to continue to drive consumers to seek trusted repair professionals across North America and globally – to do that, the marketplace can identify those with credentials through voluntary certification.


What is ‘WCTY’ Certification?

WCTY is an acronym for ‘We Come to You’. We Come to You” is defined as an organization providing a resolution at a customer’s home or place of the customer’s choosing at a location where a repair can be safely completed. In this scenario, the technician is traveling to the customer for a resolution utilizing a repair van, truck, or other vehicle. Companies who are physical repair shop that also offers on demand service will need to apply separately for Retail and WCTY Certifications.

See our Retail Page: Authorized Service Provider for details. WISE Certification is specific to a repair environment (retail or vehicle). Each location is individually certified. When you are ready to apply for WISE Certification, download our Readiness Checklists available for Checklist for Retail Shops, Checklist for We Come to You, or Checklist for Kiosks to help you prepare. These documents outline the full list of information, documentation, and images that are required for each application.

WISE requires all service providers to have a WISE Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Technician on staff during operating hours. Typically, this translates to two or more certified technicians on staff, but one certified technician can be acceptable for smaller operations.

We recommend SERI Directory of R2 Certified Facilities to find a recycler that works for you. WISE validates that the battery recycler listed on your application is in the SERI Directory so please ensure your recycler is R2 Certified before submitting your application.

The WISE Standard includes safety precautions for consumers as well as technicians and retail establishments. Storing consumer devices behind two locks is a theft prevention measure to ensure customer devices are kept reasonably safe while in the store.

Our requirement is that the devices are stored behind two locks. This could include a locked cabinet, a locked back office, cash drawer or safe. A large standing safe may override the two-lock requirement if the safe is inaccessible to consumers.


What are the benefits of WISE ASP Certification?

WISE Authorized Service Providers are listed in a customer-facing WISE Retail Directory that is exclusive to certified locations. Your store will also be mailed a certificate and door decal to promote your certification to your customers. Many OEMs, warranty providers, and carriers require WISE Certification as a part of their third-party certification requirements.

An ASP WISE Code, like a Technician WISE Code, is a unique identifier used to authenticate certification. Your ASP WISE Code is listed on the certificate that is mailed to the store as well as the store’s WISE Retail Directory listing.


Unlike repair technicians seeking WISE Certification, WISE Authorized Service Providers and service providers seeking certification do not have a WISE account. Retail stores are required to apply available application link: here. Once the store is certified the WISE staff will assign the store WISE Code and add the store to the directory. When it is time to renew your certification, renewals are to be completed via the application link shared by the WISE team.

The WISE Retail Directory is exclusive to WISE Authorized Service Providers. This includes brick and mortar retail shops, kiosks, ‘store in a store’ models, and repair vehicles. After a location is ASP certified, they are automatically added to the directory. Stores may opt out of the directory at any time. If you would like to request a change to your directory listing, please email programs@wisecertification.com.


How do I maintain certification?

All certified locations and repair vehicles are required to renew their certification annually, based off their original certification date. Renewals are scheduled on a quarterly basis and stores nearing the renewal deadline are sent reminder emails leading up to the due date.

The renewal process is a simple form requesting an update on store and technician data. Stores who do not renew by their renewal deadline will have their certification revoked. If your store store’s certification is revoked, the store must resubmit a full application to be eligible for recertification.

Chromebook Repair Program

If your school or organization is managing a 1:1 Chromebook program, WISE Certification is a key certification for your tech leadership team and students assisting in the repairs on the devices. For schools that have their own in-house Chromebook repair program, or those who are looking for assistance in launching a student ran repair depot for the deployed devices, WISE Certification is not only great training but an industry recognized credential that will stay with the student as they build their resume towards the future.
Contact Jeremy Willis for more information today.

Retailer Programs

Independent Repair Committee

The Independent Repair Committee was formed in June of 2021, bringing together WISE Certified independent providers together with Reverse Logistics Service Quality (RLSQ) members, the WISE Certification team, and its partners. All WISE Certified Repair Shop owners are welcome to join.

Leadership Team

If interested in learning more about the Leadership Team, contact Jeremy Willis for more information.


Collaborate on common shared challenges that help shape the future of our industry with our dedicated working groups. To join, please contact us at programs@wisecertification.com.

learn wise

If you are looking to obtain certification in your current field, seeking a new career, or looking at an entrepreneurial opportunity in device repair, WISE Certification provides the most comprehensive knowledge available in smartphone, tablet and Chromebook repair. Study materials are provided for Level 1 certification, it is self-guided and the test when you are ready, is taken online. For Level 2 certification, depending on your background and qualifications, we can provide you with the best guidance to obtain your Level 2 certification. This is a fast growing industry with exciting entry-level opportunities, learn more about WISE Certification today!

Teach WISE

Technicians for smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks are in high demand, and your school or workforce development programs can help individuals get the industry recognized credentials they need with WISE Certification. We offer curriculum that can be delivered in both short term accelerated programs, or spread out over the course of a longer deployment of education and training. Our focus is finding the best possible path together to achieve success in helping grow the mobile device technicians of tomorrow. Contact Jeremy Willis for more information today.


Starting Point

Download our ASC Policies & Procedures pdf here.

Prepare for Authorization

Step 1 Prerequisites for Authorization:

The ASC Program requires that the facility be ISO 9001 compliant, and their line managers be WISE Certified. Recyclers are also required to be R2v3 or compliant with e-Stewards.

  • WISE Certification: Facility line managers shall be certified to the requested authorization level of the facility. If seeking Level 1 Authorization, line managers shall be Level 1 Certified. If seeking Level 2 Authorization, line managers shall be Level 2 Certified. Technicians can enroll in WISE Technician Certification by registering an account here. The cost for Level 1 Certification is $200/technician, and $300/technician for Level 2 Certification. If you need any assistance in getting your technicians started, contact us at programs@ctiacertification.org.

Step 2 ASC Audit:

At your convenience, please reach out to programs@ctiacertification.org to coordinate with an approved and authorized auditor.

Before the day of the audit, you will need to provide the following:

  • Requested authorization level (Level 1 or Level 2)
  • Proof of ISO 9001 accreditation, 2015 version or later
  • Proof of R2 certification (Recyclers ONLY)
  • Company overview, including experience with servicing wireless devices
  • Overview of facilities/sites involved with the application for CTIA Certification ASC authorization
  • Organizational chart of location(s) being audited
  • Nonconformance findings and CAPA plan from recent audits

Repair Facilities
Get Authorized

Getting Authorized

WISE Authorized Service Centers (ASC) demonstrate a commitment to excellence that aligns with the standards set forth by the Policies and Procedures for WISE Authorized Service Centers. This document defines the facility requirements and processes to become a WISE ASC for the repair, refurbishment, and remanufacturing of wireless devices.

More Information

For more information on WISE ASCs, contact us at programs@wisecertification.com.

Service Center Directory Search

Find a WISE Authorized Service Center here.

RETAILERS Get Authorized

Who Should Be Authorized?

Device Repair Retailers, Kiosks, On-Demand Vehicles, and more who meet the requirements outlined in the Authorized Service Provider Certification Program Document.

Why Be Authorized?

To differentiate your business and demonstrate your commitment to quality.

How to Get Authorized?

Click the Learn More button below for guidance on certification.

Authorized Service Provider Fee $400

The fee is $400 per location or vehicle. Each location and/or vehicle will renew annually for $400.


Who Developed the Program?

The short answer – the wireless industry. WISE Certification is a collaborative effort across wireless carriers, device manufacturers, insurance companies, independent repair shops, and leaders in reverse logistics.

What is WISE Certification?

WISE stands for Wireless Industry Service Excellence. It is the industry recognized standard for retailers and technicians performing phone repair. As a WISE Certified service provider, we are committed to delivering a consistent and reliable repair experience.

Why is this Important?

The truth is repairing your phone is personal. You deserve a reliable and trusted professional to make sure your most valued asset is repaired with industry recognized standards. Our hope is that this WISE Certified Provider location gives you peace of mind as you hand over your phone for repair.

The Standard You Can Depend On

WISE Certification is proud to provide you with the highest quality of device repair service in the industry. Look for this sign on the repair store for the confidence you deserve with your most trusted possession. Thank you for trusting us with your phone today!

Your Trusted Phone Repair Technicians

Smartphones continue to be the remote control to our lives keeping the world connected. When devices are not operating reliably, anxiety sets in quickly! When seeking repair services at a WISE Authorized Service Provider, consumers can be more confident their technician has met the requirements established by wireless industry subject matter experts. Consumers should rest assured data is handled with best practices, and basic safety protocols are followed. Certified repairs should be performed with the highest of quality industry recognized standards.


Who Should Be Certified?

Chromebook Certification is recommended for technicians at retail, repair depots and on a school campus performing Chromebook repair services, IT professionals managing fleets of Chromebook for enterprise and educational institutions, and others engaged in repairs within a K-12 depot program. Anyone wanting to advance your skills, or add to your other WISE Certifications. 

Why Be Certified?

This comprehensive certification program aims to equip technicians with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the fast-evolving world of Chromebook technology.

Online Knowledge Exam

To pursue designation as a “WISE Specialist Level 1 for Chromebooks,” enroll in the WISE Level 1 Knowledge Exam for Chromebook Repair.

WISE Chromebook Certification Fee $150


Who Should Be Certified?

Anyone wanting to grow their technical skillset in device repair.

Why Be Certified?

WISE Level 2 certification is a great way to advance your career in the industry. You will be qualified to repair common device issues and restore device to working condition.

Hands-on Exam

Become a qualified repair technician through our WISE hands-on exam. Select a WISE Authorized Training Administrator or become certified through your employer.

Test Out Exam

The WISE Level 2 Test Out allows experienced technicians to bypass the program’s hands-on testing requirements by assessing a technician’s practical skills and knowledge, providing an opportunity for experienced technicians to demonstrate their proficiency without undergoing the full Level 2 hands-on training. Level 2 Certification is only available to technicians who have successfully passed the WISE Level 1 Knowledge Exam.

To enroll, please visit our
WISE Platform, select Course Catalog, and click the course titled WISE Level 2 Certification Test Out.

Register Today

Are you looking for device repair training from experts in the industry? Are you an independent technician looking to step up your certification to Level 2?


Who Should Be Certified?

Anyone wanting to grow their skills in device repair. You’ll get all the basic knowledge of best practices and device safety protocols for smartphones and tablets.  

Why Be Certified?

This certification is a great first step into device repair, a bonus for customer-facing, non-technical staff in repair shops, and more!

Online Knowledge Exam

Level 1 WISE Certified Technicians are considered qualified to perform diagnostics or repair common device issues without opening the device.

Register Today

Once registered, you will have access to the exam study guide and the online exam. You must pass the exam with a score of 70 percent or greater within two attempts to earn Level 1 certification, and will then become eligible to enroll in a hands-on training session to seek Level 2 technician certification.

WISE Level 1 Certification Fee $200

Certification is valid for 2 years upon technician certification anniversary date. Re-certification fee for WISE Level 1 is $200.