Built By the Wireless Repair Industry

WISE Certification was built by wireless repair industry leaders. As demand for smartphone repair grew, so did the need for an industry-recognized standard.

Wireless carriers, device manufacturers, insurance companies and leaders in reverse logistics collaborated on a certification program to certify a technician and a repair shop owner. 

WISE Certified is an industry recognized brand for consumers, retailers and technicians championing excellence in device repair globally.

Consumer-trusted Repair Technicians & Retailers

Smartphones continue to be the remote control to our lives keeping the world connected. When devices are not operating reliably, anxiety sets in quickly!

When seeking repair services at a WISE Authorized Service Provider, consumers can be more confident their technician has met the requirements established by wireless industry subject matter experts.

Consumers should rest assured data is handled with best practices, and basic safety protocols are followed. Certified repairs should be performed with the highest of quality industry recognized standards.