Technician Level 1

Online Knowledge Exam

A Level 1 WISE Certified Technician is a technician who has passed the WISE Certification Knowledge Exam and is considered qualified to repair or resolve issues without opening the device.

Who Should Be Certified?

Prerequisite for technicians looking to advance to Level 2 Technician Certification
Prerequisite for CTIA Authorized Service Provider Certification
Suggested for customer-facing, non-technical staff in wireless retail and repair shops

Exam topics include but not limited to:

Common Smartphone Features and Characteristics

Anatomy of a Smartphone

Safety Best Practices

Guidance for Handling Lithium Ion Batteries

Common Repair Tools

Common Repair Terms and Conditions

Common Warranties

Diagnosis and Triage Process


WISE Certification Step 1

Once registered on the WISE Certification platform, the technician may purchase the WISE Certification exam. After payment has been processed, the technician will be able to download the course study guide and enroll in the online exam. If the technician passes the exam with a score of 70 percent or greater, he is certified as a Level 1 technician and is eligible to enroll in a hands-on training session to become certified as a Level 2 technician. A technician has two attempts to take and pass the Level One exam.

WISE Level 1 Technician Certification

$ 450
  • Renews annually at $200

Have more than 100 Technicians to certify?

For operators with 100 or more technicians, please contact for enterprise pricing onboarding.

New to repair or an Independent Technician looking for training and Level 2 certification?