Roundup again with the wireless repair industry!

June 21-23, 2022 | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wireless Repair Roundup

Technician Level 2

Training on Practical Skills + Demonstration on Live Devices

A Level 2 technician has successfully passed the WISE Level 1 Knowledge Exam and completed a training program facilitated by a licensed WISE Level 2 facilitator.

Technicians currently completing WISE Level 1 Certification, should contact their supervisor to learn about next steps for Level 2 Certification.

License Administration

The license to administer WISE Level 2 Certification is only available to retail service providers who have an established training program for their technicians and have Level 1 WISE certified technicians or technicians pursuing Level 1 Certification as a part of their staff.

WISE Level 2 Licensed Facilitator Requirements Include:

Established Device Repair Training Program

Live Devices for Practical Hands On Exam

Leadership and Mentorship Training

Software for Repair Ticket Tracking

WISE Level 2 Licensed Facilitator

$ 200
  • Renews annually at $200

Have more than 100 Technicians to certify?

For organizations with 100 or more technicians, please contact programs@wisecertification.com for enterprise pricing onboarding.

Get Started

The obtain a license to administer WISE Level 2 Certification, download Program Requirements and fill out the form below. We will send you information on next steps. 

New to repair or an Independent Technician looking for training and Level 2 certification?