It's time to ROUNDUP again!

November 2, 2023

Dallas, TX | Samsung HQ

Wireless Repair Roundup



WISE Certification Level 2

A Level 2 technician has successfully passed the WISE Level 1 Knowledge Exam and completed a training program facilitated by a licensed Authorized Training Administrators (ATA). Level 2 accreditation promotes the technician as an advanced-level technician. Learn more about WISE Certification here.

Certification through ATA

Technicians seeking Level 2 Certification should contact a WISE Authorized Training Administrator (ATA) to schedule their Level 2 test or hands-on Level 2 training and test-out.

CellBotics provides training for beginners entering the repair industry, and employers looking to train beginner staff in a virtual environment. They provide training LIVE In-Person in Atlanta, at your site, or online. CellBotics also provide training development for companies who need in-house training programs to meet WISE requirements. Visit to learn about training and/or WISE certification online.

Training For Your Team or Company. If you’re part of a company or team that is looking for an efficient and scalable way to train and certify your team members in cell phone and tablet repair, then our Team and Enterprise certification solutions are for you. To learn more, visit

At iFixAmerica, we understand that the mobile device repair industry is constantly evolving and that staying ahead of the curve is crucial to success. That’s why our program is designed to provide students with the latest techniques and best practices in mobile device repair.

Telecom Institute of New York offers provides an array of services to support your new or existing telecom business. We provide telecom recruiting and job placement services, training for your new or existing employees, and repair, refurbishment & reclamation services for wireless devices and components. For new business owners, we offer marketing support services, consulting, and training for you and your team. Visit today.

Batteries Plus Techs Level 2 WISE Certified

Certification through Employer

Technicians may seek Level 2 Certification through their employer if their retail or on-demand organization is a licensed Authorized Training Administrator (ATA) with a WISE Enterprise Agreement.

Technicians currently completing WISE Level 1 Certification should contact their supervisor to learn about next steps for Level 2 Certification.

WISE Certification Phone Repair

WISE Participating Partners

Get Started

If you are unsure what your next steps for Level 2 Certification are please fill out the form below. The WISE Team will get back to you with recommendations for obtaining Level 2 Certification.