Success Stories

Navigating an essential maturing industry while striving for consumer excellence is the goal. Learn how device repair business leaders are committed today and preparing for the future.

Jen Schultz, owner of CPR in Overland, KS, shares insight with us about growth in the industry, “find your water” for that recession and pandemic proof business, the method of Macgyver-ing repairs, and how technology is necessary to run the home today.

Jason DeWater with iFixOmaha joins us in a lively discussion about the device repair industry’s early pain points, forging ahead through the Wild, Wild West of the maturing supply chain and gaining trust amongst the industry and consumers.

We got to catch up with Jonathan Velez from uBreakiFix to talk about his experience with WISE™ certification. Not only did he manage and support his team through WISE, he also went through our program and got certified himself!

Patrick Knight with Batteries Plus Bulbs talks with us about the WISE™ Certification process and how it sets them apart from the competition when it comes to quality repairs on phones.