It's time to ROUNDUP again!

November 2, 2023

Dallas, TX | Samsung HQ

Wireless Repair Roundup
WISE Certification MTech Bahamas

WISE Certification Expands to the Bahamas!

Congrats to mTech for completing their WISE Certification. We spoke to Hyly Moss, CEO, to learn even more about his repair shop.  

WISE Certification MTech Bahamas

How did you first learn about WISE Certification, and have you sought out other certifications in the past?

I was sitting in my office one day thinking of how I’m I able to certify all of my employees within the wireless repair industry. I did a Google search and stumbled across “WISE”, after doing my research with WISE I figured it would be a wonderful and much needed certification for just not me but my employees. I wanted a certification that is highly recognize internationally. After learning WISE is actually a part of CTIA that gave me an even more positive outlook and pushed me to move forward to get my employees and retail store certified.

How did you decide to start mTech, and when did you first open your doors?

I was repairing mobile devices from 2009 in my bedroom. I then expanded and build a small office area onto my home. Business grew and I outgrow working from home doing repairs. Therefore I looked for a shop space and found one in September 2017. From 2017 to now I have no regrets in opening my very first repair storefront!

In the beginning, were you able to find qualified technicians in the area or did you find good candidates and train them?

In the beginning it was hard finding qualified technicians; especially honest ones. Initially I trained all of my technicians on each devices that’s popular in our region and now we can reward them by becoming WISE Certified.

How do you set yourself apart from other options customers have to have their devices repaired on the island?

We set ourselves apart by always keeping up to date with repair standards as well as seeking any new certifications within the repair industry; such as WISE ;-). We also use the highest quality parts we can source.

What does the repair industry look like in the Bahamas today? Has it changed over the years?

The repair industry has grown a whole lot from when I initially started repairing mobile devices in 2009. Back then it was all blackberries on the island, now we are flooded with iPhones and other Samsung flagship devices. In the repair industry on the island today, I’ve noticed many technicians here are not passionate about the industry so they use any parts to get the job done. Whether its generic or poorly constructed they’ll conduct the repair just to get a quick buck.

Why do you think other shops and technicians should be looking to become WISE Certified?

I think due to the lack of research or the will to invest in their employees may restrict other shops from getting their employees certified. Some repair shops owners are also afraid to lose their employees after making the investment.

What other challenges does your company face as your try to grow your repair business?

Procuring quality parts and gaining support from OEMs directly to support original parts for our customers has been a challenge partly due to being an island location and our volumes. However, our customer experience is anchored in quality of both the repair completed and the parts we use to compete the repair. This a challenge we will continue to pursue.

In what other ways does mTech serve the community outside of mobile device repair?

mTech normally has a annual back to school drive for kids where we give back to the community by providing students with free uniforms, free books, pens, pencils, food and other school supplies needed to have a successful school year. We also partner with a few non-profit organizations such as Rotary Clubs and Kiwanis clubs to conduct certain tasks to help and give back to various communities. These tasks can range from painting old folks or children homes, feeding the less fortunate, helping kids with their homework after school or providing computer classes for school kids.

Is there anything additional you would like the repair community to know about growing a successful repair business, any advice or things you may have done differently if you had the chance?

We all are in this industry to create a difference and to help our planet earth by repairing devices rather than disposing them or getting a new one. If we all follow industry standards we can provide our customers with a much better experience. Don’t shortcut the repair, lets do our part in creating over the top service and giving our customers a great experience; the WISE way!