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Wireless Industry Service Excellence, or WISE™ Certification, is the industry recognized standard for mobile device repair technicians, retailers and depot remanufacturing facilities.

Built by the industry, for the industry.

The reverse logistics and repair community collaborated to create standards built with integrity. This program is led by OEMs, carriers, insurance providers, retailers, depots, remote technician organizations, and key stakeholders committed to raising the bar for the best customer experience in the aftercare of devices.


Why Excellence Matters.​

Mobile devices are the center of our lives. Consumers seek trusted service providers to repair devices. 

WISE promotes service excellence and helps differentiate quality repair service professionals. WISE certified technicians and retailers are recognized in the marketplace for meeting wireless industry standards.

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WISE Certification Step 1

WISE Technician Certification Level 1
(Online Exam)

Technicians, Managers, and Customer Service Representatives

You will receive a study guide upon registration. The exam will cover successful best practices for diagnostic & triage processes, data backup, content clearing, battery safety, and basic component level knowledge.

WISE Certification Step 2

WISE Technician Certification Level 2
(Practical Hands-On)

Technicians and Managers in retail, remote/on-demand and other service facilities

Upon successful completion of the Level 1 exam, technicians will qualify for Level 2 hands-on certification to demonstrate their repair skills meet identified industry standards.

To maintain WISE Certification, technicians easily renew annually online to keep up with exciting advancements in the wireless industry & device technology and to maintain their directory listing.

WISE Certification for Retail Locations and Remote/On-Demand Organizations

Differentiate your business in the marketplace as best in class

Serve consumers seeking certified quality trusted service providers

Participating WISE Certified technicians and retailers are listed in the directory to assist consumers and enterprises seeking quality trusted service providers for their device repair needs. Be a part of the directory of certified businesses for consumers and channel partners seeking providers supporting authorized service programs.

To become a WISE Authorized Service Provider, download program requirements.

Prepare for WISE Certification as a RetailRemote or Remote and Retail Environment.

Already a Level 1 and Level 2 WISE Certified Technician?
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