It's time to ROUNDUP again!

November 2, 2023

Dallas, TX | Samsung HQ

Wireless Repair Roundup

Help with WISE Phone Repair Shop Certification

How do I certify my phone repair shop?

WISE Certification for phone repair shops is available to all brick and mortar, inline, and some store-in-a-store concepts. At this time Carts, Kiosks, and Co-Working Spaces are not eligible for certification.

The WISE Certification process for repair shops requires that you have WISE Level 2 Technicians on staff at all times of operation. Once that requirement is met, repair shops can submit an application online and submit documents and photos that will be audited by the WISE Certification team. For more information visit.

If you do not operate a retail location, but offer phone repair services that go to the consumer directly or a business, please contact for more information to get certified.

Need help with renewal?

If you have received notification that it is time to renew your WISE Certification, please follow the directions to submit the requested information to keep your store compliant. Stores will need to renew annually and update our records with current point of contacts, current WISE Certified Technicians and any changes that have been made operationally over the year.

Need to contact our audit team?

Whether you are just getting started, currently onboarding, renewing or needing to correct some action items from an in person audit, our team is always available to assist. Please contact us at with your information and questions and we will gladly assist you.