It's time to ROUNDUP again!

November 2, 2023

Dallas, TX | Samsung HQ

Wireless Repair Roundup
By WISE Certification

By WISE Certification

Industry News Snapshot

We want to share with the wireless industry the efforts, the program achievements, and the impactful work demonstrated across all the CTIA working groups and how these programs serve the entire marketplace.

Driving Global Adoption of CTIA Grading Scales

CTIA Certification’s Grading Scales Working Group continues its efforts to bring consistency, predictability and quality to the used device grading process.

Industry Training and Courses

CTIA Certification is excited to announce the publication of the WISE Technician Certification Program Study Guide V3.0. The original scope of this certification program was focused on smartphone device repair. This updated version expands the wireless industry’s training curriculum for device repair technicians to include tablets.


The WISE Technician Certification Program Study Guide V3.0 covers the requirements and process for WISE Certification of wireless device repair technicians working in depot or remanufacturing facilities, retail and remote environments. The certification process includes an online knowledge test and practical hands-on exam. The knowledge test focuses on smartphone and tablet exterior inspection and diagnosis, including functionality, manufacturer diagnostic steps, virus and malware detection, plus the updating and restoration of OEM software without opening the device. The hands-on certification requires technicians to demonstrate their ability to diagnose and replace modular components within the device, using minimal to no soldering.


The WISE Certified Technician designation conveys service excellence. It allows technicians to differentiate themselves, demonstrating their commitment to quality by meeting the high levels of industry standards defined in the program. Today, the program has proudly certified over 13,500 technicians across the globe.

Service Center Excellence

In August 2022, CTIA Certification authorized its eighth Authorized Service Center! Cwork Solutions joins Ingram Micro Services, CTDI, CC3 Solutions, Goldie Group, Global Resale, Quick Ship Brands and Reconext as certified facilities that meet the highest quality and security standards, enabling the supply chain to provide high-quality pre-owned wireless devices to consumers.

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