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November 2, 2023

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Wireless Repair Roundup
WISE Reatil page Steps
By WISE Certification

By WISE Certification

WISE Retail Application FAQ

You may have skimmed the WISE Retail Application and asked yourself why we ask for that information, or what exactly we are looking for. Below we cover why it is on the application, and what the WISE team is checking for. Next to each is the applicable section of the ASP Certification Requirements where you can find more information.

Years in Business

To qualify for WISE Certification, a retail service provider shall have a minimum of one year experience in consumer electronics repair or installation. Certification authorization is specific to each retail location. Each individual retail locations do not need to meet the one-year requirement as long as the organization as a whole has met this requirement. (2.1)

What to submit: The number of years the organization has been in business.

Website URL

WISE Certification requires consumer facing service providers to have a verified website address. This is to ensure the legitimacy of the company and provide assurance for consumers. (3.2)

What to submit: The URL to the business’ website.

Level 2 WISE Technicians & Level 2 Training Administrator

A Level 2 WISE Certified Technician is a technician that has completed the practical hands-on training and is considered qualified to repair a device by opening and replacing plug-and-play components. A certified retail environment shall have a minimum of one Level 2 WISE Certified Technician onsite during posted hours of operation. (4.1)

What to submit: (1) The First and Last name of the technician, spelled as they appear on their WISE account; and (2)The name of the training school or WISE partner who conducted the Level 2 training and exam.


Name of POS System

While WISE does not require a specific brand or Point of Sale company, we do require all locations have a POS System that covers all the requirements listed in the ASP document. Privately built systems are accepted provided all requirements are met. (3.9)

What to submit: The name of the POS system being used. If the system is privately built, WISE may reach out for additional information.

Name of R2 Battery Recycler & Photo of Battery Recycling

The customer-facing service provider shall source a recycle provider and adhere to their prescribed shipping procedures. The recycler shall have appropriate certifications including R2, version 2013 or later. To find R2 recyclers, please see (C.4.34)

What to submit: The name of the recycler you send used batteries to, and a photo of where used batteries are stored prior to recycling.

Proof of Insurance & Business License

WISE Certification requires all retail locations obtain insurance and a business license as required by State and Federal law. 

What to submit: A photocopy or screenshot proving the company is insured as well as a copy of the business license. If the company is located in a state where licenses are not required, please put “N/A” or “Not Required”.

Terms & Conditions

Each customer-facing service provider has unique terms and conditions. Prior to performing a repair, service providers shall be transparent and shall provide customers clear, written terms and conditions, and all related fees and expense information. (3.5)

What to submit: Either a link to where T&C’s are listed on the website, or a copy of the paperwork customers sign.

Exterior Photos of Business & Signage

The location shall be visible from the street, or within the parking lot of the property in which the retail environment is located. Signage shall match the exact name of the current business. (4.2)

What to submit: Photo of the exterior of the building from the left, from the right, and a photo showing the signage.

Interior Photos of Business & Check-in Counter

The overall environment shall be clean of debris, food and drink, overstock inventory, and repair equipment and tools. Merchandising walls shall be organized, and shall maintain a professional appearance. The check-in and check-out counter shall be a dedicated area for customer interaction and transaction, and shall not be used for repair. The counter shall be recognizable and defined, and no less than 40 inches in height. (4.3)

What to submit: Photo of the interior of the building from the left, from the right, and a photo of the check in counter.

Store-within-a-Store Photos

A store-within-a-store environment is defined as a location where device repair is offered as a complimentary service in a dedicated area within a retail partner location. For store-within-a-store environments, it is understood that these repair locations do not always control the store layout of their retail partner, nor its storefront presentation. Store-within-a-store models are eligible if they meet the requirements listed in the ASP document. (2.1.2)

What to submit: Photos of the repair area and check in counter.

Repair Workbench

A technician’s workbench shall be tidy, free of food and drinks, with no opened devices left out for extended periods of time. The workbench shall have appropriate ESD and battery safety supplies nearby.

What to submit: Photo of the workbench and work area.

Inventory & Overnight Device Storage

Authorized customer-facing service providers and technicians shall follow industry best practices and make all reasonable efforts to ensure the physical security of materials, products and assets within the retail environment and within its control or responsibility due to contractual terms should it extend beyond the retailer’s physical location. Technicians shall lock customer devices behind one lock when not in repair during operating hours, two locks when not operating hours. Requirements and best practices for security compliance for any repair environment are listed in the ASP document. (3.8)

What to submit: A photo of where inventory is stored, and a separate photo of where customer devices are stored, along with proof of lock(s).

Emergency Action Plan & Posted First Aid Procedures

A Retail Environment shall have an employee emergency action plan in place. (4.6.1)

A Retail Environment shall have first aid equipment on-hand at all times and documented procedures for handling incidents. (4.6.2)

What to submit: The Emergency Plan may include contact information to local police, fire, and poison control and/or a disaster plan, weather emergency information, or any relevant preparedness information. First Aid may include a first aid kit and/or information on how to handle a medical emergency.  

If you have questions, or would like more information on WISE Retail Certification, please reach out to