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June 21-23, 2022

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Wireless Repair Roundup
Reconext achieves WISE Certification

By WISE Certification

Congratulations to Reconext on their recent successes in achieving CTIA ASP Certification and WISE™ Technician Certification

“The question is no longer: ‘why should you adopt circular principles?’ but rather: ‘why wouldn’t you?’”

Reconext was formed from the combination of Clover Wireless and Teleplan over the past 18 months. From innovation, operational excellence to customer-first and circular economy mindset, both organizations had a lot in common. And their highly complementary footprint, capabilities, and product expertise made Reconext a global player with a comprehensive lifecycle services portfolio ready to meet the high-tech’s industry future aftermarket challenges.

CTIA and WISE Certification have launched environmentally conscious programs targeted towards teaching technicians the importance of repairing small devices as opposed to replacing them with new devices. The partnership with Reconext has reinforced the need to move toward a circular economy ethos.

Protecting our environment is a must, and neither Reconext nor its clients could be satisfied with the status quo. The high-tech industry, with high and still growing level of waste generation, is seen as part of the problem and needs to become part of the solution. All stakeholders from consumers and clients, staff, and future talent, to legislators, watchdogs and investors are demanding action from manufacturers on climate change.

Reconext achieves WISE Certification Workplace

As a leader in lifecycle services, Reconext has developed innovative automation and testing solution that support the repair and refurbishment processes. Reconext sees itself uniquely positioned to enable the Circular Economy and has been advocating for it for several years. This is no easy task though. It requires a system change and therefore collaboration at every echelon in the supply chain. While there is still a long way to go, Reconext is proud of its own carbon reduction targets achievement to date, but especially of its contribution to its clients’ own targets.

Reconext is also encouraged by the overwhelming shift in our offering towards solutions helping our clients handling product returns – not because they have to, but because they want to! It is becoming noticeably clear to them that environmental benefits can go alongside financial benefits, and to quote one of our senior leaders: “The question’s no longer: ‘why should you adopt circular principles?’ but rather: ‘why wouldn’t you?’

Reconext achieves WISE Certification Technician

Without technicians, we would not have the choice between repairing or replacing devices.  Much like auto-mechanics keeping our cars running safely, technicians fix our devices and keep us connected. Not only is WISE Certification committed to training new technicians, but they are also committed to keeping technicians aware of current best practices and new strategies to keep devices in working order.

All Reconext technicians go through their own in-house training program. Depending on position, the technician will be trained on specific process related to the business they work for in the company, such as disassembly, troubleshooting, parts replacement, welding, IPC 610.  After formal training, each technician will have in-line training by shadowing an experienced peer in the actual production environment. Their training level will correlate to their pay levels and future advancement.  Annually, there is a recertification process that each technician goes through both for WISE Certification and with our in-house training program.

Additionally, Reconext Mexicali has close collaboration with three local Universities where we developed internship programs, engineering collaboration and training and share industry experience. 

Not only is Reconext a leader in lifecycle services for big businesses. Virtually every player in the high-tech ecosystem can benefit from Reconext’s expertise:


Rely on Reconext to handle all their returns be they in-warranty returns or DOA, channel returns, demo or rental returns, trade-ins or take-backs, and drive their remarketing or white label channel.

Multi-Service Operators (MSOs)

Rely on Reconext to handle in-warranty returns on behalf of the manufacturers, but also out-of-warranty returns, retail returns, network equipment returns, trade-in, buy-back and take back, but also “turn-around” their leased Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Retailers and e-tailers

Rely on Reconext to handle policy returns, but also in-warranty returns on behalf of the manufacturers or out-of-warranty returns and drive their remarketing channel.

Data Centers

Rely on Reconext to securely handle the recovery of decommissioned equipment

Device Insurers

Rely on Reconext to handle out-of-warranty repairs and parts reclamation and sourcing

Leasing Companies

Rely on Reconext to handle the recovery of end-of-lease equipment

Large Corporations

Including the before mentioned, rely on Reconext and its Corporate Renew platform to handle their workplace IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) in a way that maximizes recovery and re-use

Repair Providers

Rely on Reconext and its LCD Buyer platform to sell broken smartphone LCD modules and procure CPO devices

Savvy Consumers

Rely on Reconext and its MaxBack platform to sell used devices and buy high quality CPO smartphone and other devices
Reconext logo

CTIA and WISE Certification are proud to welcome Reconext into our ecosystem. If you are interested in learning more, starting your journey with Reconext could not be easier: simply contact us at TellMeMore@reconext.com and they can take the lead from there!