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November 2, 2023

Dallas, TX | Samsung HQ

Wireless Repair Roundup
iTech Rescue Dustin Insell Ribbon Cutting
By WISE Certification

By WISE Certification

iTech Rescue: Fulfilling a need in the community

There are a lot of similarities between being a high school counselor and fixing broken devices, says Dustin Insell with iTech Rescue. It’s all about meeting the needs and assisting people in the community.

WISE: Dustin, how did you get started in fixing phones?
Dustin: My full-time career right now is at the local high school in Henderson, TN, as a guidance counselor. I had done a few repairs for friends and family before, and I was looking for something part time to do in the community to fulfill an unmet need. I heard some people I knew who were driving 45 minutes to get a battery replaced on their phone, so there was a need for this in our community, there was nowhere local to go. With cell phone repair you really need someone you can trust. Soon after I identified that need, I knew that’s what I could do to help the people in Chester County and Henderson, TN.


WISE: What do you think the biggest issue is today when people are seeking someone to help fix their personal device?
Dustin: Trust is a big issue, just in general in today’s society, and with me working at the local high school, my name is known in the community. People trust me, they know that I do good work. I feel that element of trust and respect is valuable, and anytime you touch someone’s personal device, you have a piece of them. That trust is important to the customer.


WISE: How did you go about getting WISE Certified?
Dustin: I reached out to WISE, because in doing my research I saw many companies were certifying their techs with WISE Certification. That certification was important to me, because when you give someone your personal device, you want to know they know what they are doing. WISE put me in touch with Cellbotics in Atlanta, GA. They are an Authorized WISE Training Administrator, offering WISE certification and it was perfect for me because I didn’t have a store front at the time, but I really wanted to get certified. After reading the reviews of Cellbotics I reached out to them to learn how I can get hands-on training. I went to Cellbotics school in Atlanta and got some amazing practical experience from Nicole and her team there. Actually my class was the first one that was offering WISE Training, and I got Level 1 and Level 2 Certified in 4 days! That was so valuable and important for me and my business. Most importantly for that piece of mind for customers in my community, and the trust I was seeking to provide for them.


WISE: Are you happy with your decision to travel to Atlanta to train at Cellbotics?
Dustin: YES! While at Cellbotics I learned some great tricks to the trade. They were actively involved, and it was great to be able to be trained with that in person touch. The hands-on training combined with leaving with WISE Certification, that is recognized by the whole wireless industry, legitimized my business.

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WISE: Today you are a mobile technician, going to the customer instead of having a brick and mortar location. What are your plans for the future as you grow your business?
Dustin: My plans for the future as it relates to device repair. I am not sure, will see where it leads. I am enjoying the customer interaction and fixing peoples devices. Being able to “rescue them” which is why I went with my name iTech Rescue. Right now, I am just enjoying meeting that need in the community which was unmet before.


WISE: You really seem committed to your community and have a passion for the people there in your hometown, what do you like the most about it?
Dustin: Chester County is a unique place. There is a video about Chester County on YouTube that highlights how you can go from Pre-K to a PHD without even leaving main street. I grew up in east Tennessee, but went to Freed-Hardeman University, which is what got me to Henderson, TN. I left for 2 years, came back, and got married. My wife works at Freed-Hardeman University, and our kids go to school here. We love this small community. I am able to work with local businesses to meet with customers out in the community, they allow me to interact with my customers in a safe environment, especially a local coffee shop, Besso’s Coffee.


WISE: Are there any similarities to fixing phones and helping kids as a high school guidance counselor?
Dustin: There are a lot of similarities to fixing phones to working as a counselor at the high school. In general, it is just helping people. Whether it’s providing support academically or emotionally, or maybe if they have a disability and use a device for work or social interaction. I am just continuing to meet that need and assist people in the community.


WISE: Congratulations to you on your certification, your work in the community and to your family finding a great place to call home. Is there anything else you would like to share?
Dustin: I am excited to be WISE Certified and trained by Cellbotics! Thank you for giving me an opportunity to join the network of trusted technicians nationwide.

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